Nourishing the Furry Hearts of the Streets with The Doggy Bakery

Nourishing the Furry Hearts of the Streets with The Doggy Bakery


The streets are not just pathways leading to destinations; they are also home to countless furry souls seeking shelter and sustenance. Recognizing the plight of these animals, The Doggy Bakery proudly presents "Streaties," a compassionate initiative dedicated to nurturing stray animals across the nation. This program reflects our deep commitment to extending a helping paw to those in need, ensuring that our four-legged street dwellers receive the care and attention they deserve.

1. A Paw of Support At The Doggy Bakery, we believe every creature deserves love and care. While many pets enjoy the comfort of a loving home, stray animals face daily survival challenges. Streaties is our way of giving back to these resilient beings by turning a portion of our profits into a lifeline for them.

2. Partnership for Paws We are not working alone. The Doggy Bakery collaborates with a network of NGOs, animal welfare organizations, and adoption centers nationwide. Our alliance with these compassionate entities enables us to extend our reach and impact, ensuring that our furry friends on the streets are not forgotten.

3. A Treat for You, A Treat for Them When you purchase any of our products, you are not only pampering your pet but also contributing to a noble cause. From our delightful dog cakes to our savory snacks, each sale adds a brick to the bridge of benevolence that connects us with stray animals in need.

4. Smilo Pupcakes: A Delight for Dogs and a Deed for Doggos With our Smilo pupcakes, your generosity blossoms. Each pack of these scrumptious treats, crafted with ingredients like Chicken, Banana & Oats and crowned with our special turmeric and cream cheese topping, is not just a treat for your pet but also a ray of hope for the less fortunate dogs. Every Smilo pupcake order contributes Rs200 to Pet Adoption Bangalore, aiding in their noble mission to find loving homes for strays.

5. How You Can Help Embrace the Streaties movement by adding a pack of Smilo pupcakes to your order. Your support allows us to continue this chain of kindness and ensures the welfare of street animals. Your small gesture means the world to the dogs it feeds and protects.

The Streaties initiative is a testament to The Doggy Bakery's unwavering commitment to animal welfare. By standing with us, you become part of a community that values the well-being of every animal, not just the ones in our homes. Together, we can bring a wave of change, one treat at a time.

Join us in this heartfelt journey. Choose The Doggy Bakery for your pet's needs, and let's sprinkle the streets with care and compassion. Every bite counts, every order matters — because together, we can make tails wag on every street.

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