Streaties is a program undertaken by The Doggy Bakery solely dedicated to taking care of stray animals all over the country.


We, at The Doggy Bakery, understand the importance of taking care of animals that are not so fortunate to have pet parents like you. And so, for every product that we sell, a proceed of the profits is utilised in taking care of stray animals. Other than this, we are closely associated with NGOs, animal welfare and adoption centres all throughout the country. By making regular donations, we ensure to reach out to maximum number of stray animals throughout the country.


How You Can Contribute?

  1. For every product that you purchase from our website, a minimum of 10% of the sales is given away in feeding and taking care of street animals. So you can contribute by just buying from us.

  2. The subscription to any of our plans, will get you a box full of yummy and healthy treats enough for an entire month for your dog or cat, but also with enough treats to feed to the stray animals around you for a month.

  3. You could also get packets of treats yourself, which are perfect and convenient if you want to feed the stray animals on your own.

  4. You could also buy individual products of your choice from our website, and ask us to give to animals in adoption centres, or on the streets, on your behalf. Just need to let us know after you order! We’ll send you a proof of the same!

Our Programs

Smiles at CUPA

Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) is a non-profit organization that provides a safe space for the healing and happiness of animals. Right from animal birth control, to adoption, rescue, and rehabilitation, CUPA is a fully equipped pet care clinic, that also takes care of issues such as pet cruelty, animal rights, and a lot more.


With a generous order from Mr. Kashyap Vasudevan, and his beloved furry babies Tyson and Tyra, we spread 120 precious smiles at CUPA in October this year. On the occasion of World Smile Day, we baked 120 Smiley Cakes with a lot of love, all for the angels at CUPA. They were beyond elated, and welcomed this tasty happiness, with sparkling eyes, wagging tails, and quite a few happy barks!

Unconditional Love Deserves Execptional Treats

The Doggy Bakery (TDB) was born with a simple goal—to create the best of the best treats
for the creatures who love us beyond our own estimate. TDB’s treats are made with all the
love that can humanely be mustered. Which is why the food we make for dogs just have to
be the freshest. Which is why our ingredients have to be human grade, and our products are
always preservative-free.
Very few people love you as much as your dog does. And there is no one your dog
loves more than you. TDB treats are thus made to make your pet feel special. But
beyond, they are also made to make your pet healthy. 10 percent of all The Doggy
Bakey’s sales goes to the ‘Streats’ program which focuses on feeding street dogs,
and giving them treats from our side.

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