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Unconditional Love Deserves Execptional Treats

The Doggy Bakery (TDB) was born with a simple goal—to create the best of the best treats
for the creatures who love us beyond our own estimate. TDB’s treats are made with all the
love that can humanely be mustered. Which is why the food we make for dogs just have to
be the freshest. Which is why our ingredients have to be human grade, and our products are
always preservative-free.
Very few people love you as much as your dog does. And there is no one your dog
loves more than you. TDB treats are thus made to make your pet feel special. But
beyond, they are also made to make your pet healthy. 10 percent of all The Doggy
Bakey’s sales goes to the ‘Streats’ program which focuses on feeding street dogs,
and giving them treats from our side.

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