Collection: Frozen Treats

Indulge your beloved pup in the world of irresistible canine treats with our delightful Jellos and Yoghurt offerings at The Doggy Bakery. Crafted with love and packed with flavor, these treats are designed to bring a smile to your furry friend's face.

Our Jellos are wibble-wobble wonders that dogs absolutely adore. They come in an array of flavors that are bound to make your pup's tail wag with excitement. Whether it's fruity bursts or savory sensations, our Jellos are the perfect way to treat your canine companion.

And when it comes to our Yogurt, it's more than just a treat; it's a healthy and refreshing experience for your pup. Made with farm-fresh ingredients and a dash of probiotics, our Yoghurt is designed to boost vitality and provide a taste sensation your dog will love.