5 Ways To Encourage Positive Behaviour In Your Dog

5 Ways To Encourage Positive Behaviour In Your Dog

5 Ways To Encourage Positive Behaviour In Your Dog

All of us love our furry partners and always want the best for them. Don’t you love it when he watches you lovingly with those pure eyes? But, no matter how much ever you love him, it cannot always be all fun and celebrations. Dogs are curious animals, and they tend to get into mischief, particularly when they are craving attention or when they get bored. It is really important to train your dogs, and correct their misbehaviour, because any pet parent can assert that their furry, little babies, can sometimes misbehave.

While training dogs can be challenging, you just need to have the “pawfect” tricks and techniques to help you through it. One of the best and easiest ways to train dogs, is the technique of “positive reinforcement.” Positive reinforcement is a means through which you reward your dog for the behaviour you like, to increase the likelihood of repeating the positive behaviour in future and ignore him for the behaviour you dislike, so that your dog understands what is acceptable, what is not, and acts likewise. Given below are 5 tips, which can encourage the “pawsitive” behaviour in your dog and make you go, “Good boi!”


Reward your dog:

The power of praise works wonders. Constant praises for your dog can truly encourage more good behaviour from him, and strengthen your bond. Pat your woofer's head lovingly each time he does something good and watch him wag his tail all the way. Also, make sure to let him have plenty of treats as rewards, since dogs like treats way more than their food, and feel really special every time they are awarded with one! Also, do not forget to click here, for the best treats to make your doggos go, “Mlem, I be good, Gib Moarr!”


Challenge your dog to encourage mental stimulation:

Dogs always thrive on enrichment activities and challenges, since it helps them to stay fit and positive. Mental stimulation helps a lot for the growth of your loved ones. It is vital to keep your dog active with different innovative techniques, since boredom can cause dogs to have behavioural problems leading them to digging, biting, barking, etc. You can use simple activities such as hiding treats around the house, taking your dog on a walk, giving him obedience training, teaching him new tricks, playing games such as fetch and throw, introducing them to new faces, including people and other dogs, bringing him puzzle toys, etc.


Spend time together with your dog:

Dogs always keep on looking for your approval, and they don’t like being neglected. Most of them love nothing more than getting attention from you, having some snuggle time with you, and getting your love and praise. When your pupper understands that you care about him, he is much likely to reciprocate with gestures of love, joy and affection. You can always use your undivided attention as a reward for when your dog is well behaved. In this way, your doggo will be a good boi, in no time!


Establish communication with your dog:

Everything becomes easier when you can clearly communicate with your dog. You can appreciate your dog when he follows your commands, or shows an appropriate behaviour, by giving him a verbal praise, a pat, or a treat. Along with building the foundation of a trustful relationship, this technique also helps you in training your dog easily. Also, try to lead your dog behave your way, and reward him for that, rather than punishing him for his inappropriate behaviour. This will lead to your woofer repeating his good behaviour all the more.


Express forgiveness and love to your dog:

Using methods such as leash correction, or other harsh practices may discourage the positive behaviours in dogs, since punishment as these, just make the situations worse in most cases. The best you could do when your pet makes a mistake is forgive him, because your dog picks up on your emotions, and understands what you are trying to convey, quickly. Patience can never fail to reinforce positive behaviour in your four-footed buddies!


A well behaved doggo, is a dream for all the pet parents. You just need the right amount of training, dedication, consistency, and a handful of love, for your furry buddy, to be on his pawsome behaviour.

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