COVID 19 And Pets: Can My Dog Or Cat Get Coronavirus?

COVID 19 And Pets: Can My Dog Or Cat Get Coronavirus?

COVID 19 And Pets: Can My Dog Or Cat Get Coronavirus?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a dramatic change in the entire world. We’re all trying to protect ourselves and our family from the clutches of coronavirus. Family, which includes our dear pets as well.

Stating the facts, coronaviruses consist of a large family of different viruses. Depending on the virus, some of them cause illnesses and other symptoms in people, while some infect certain types of animals. These animals could be camels, bats or cattle.

So, can my dog or cat get the virus, too?

As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as also the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), a really small number of pets all over the world, including dogs and cats, have been reported to be infected with the virus causing COVID-19, after coming in close contact with the people affected by the same.

So yes, pets and other animals can be infected by the coronavirus. Here’s a report list by the USDA, about the confirmed cases of animals having the virus in the United Nations.

It is also important to note that, there is no evidence currently, about animals, be it pets or livestock, to be playing an important role in spreading the COVID-19 infection among people.

How can I protect my pet from the COVID-19 virus? Should my pet wear a mask?

You could protect your furry baby from the virus by avoiding a lot of interaction with people or other animals, outside your household. You can keep your cats indoors, whenever possible. Make sure that you avoid dog parks or places where many dogs and people gather, and if you’re going on a walk with your dog, keep your dog at a distance of at least 2 meters from other animals and people.

About your four-legged friends wearing masks, even though pets wearing masks is a trendy topic on social media, it practically makes no sense, as COVID-19 spreads mostly from people to people through sneezing, coughing or talking, and indulging your pets in wearing masks is a waste of time, money and efforts, along with causing them respiratory problems, to top it all. So no, your pets do not need masks.

What if I become sick with COVID-19 infection, and have a pet?

Health experts emphasize on playing safe here, because of lack of precise information. It is important for you to avoid all the petting, snuggling, kissing or sharing your bed or food with you fur baby, unfortunately. Isolate yourself from your pet, stay in another room, if possible. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, before and after handling your pets, and try to have minimal contact. Nothing could be better than having a family member or a friend taking care of your pet, including bathing, walking and feeding him, while you are recovering.

What if my pet is suspected or tested positive for COVID-19?

It is suggested by experts that if your pet becomes sick after coming in contact with someone having COVID-19, there’s no need for you to go to the veterinary clinic physically. Instead, contact your veterinarian, and explain the symptoms. He or she might offer guidance virtually, or come up with another plan for treating your furry baby.

If tested positive, try isolating your pet in another room and make sure he stays indoors. Do not forget wearing gloves while interacting with your pet in any manner, and wash your hands after making contact with your pet, or any of his possessions. Refrain yourself from putting any sort of face covering or disinfectants on your pets, it can be harmful.

Although, out of the little number of pets affected with the virus, some didn’t even show any signs of illness, and others experienced mild symptoms, and were easy to be taken care of at home itself.

At the end, it is important to take all the possible precautions for you, as well as your fur baby, stay away from rumours and do not indulge in taking any step, without being sure about the exact situation. Stay safe, and don’t forget to treat your baby from our range of fresh, healthy treats that you can get here!

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