Do You Know What Goes Into Your Pet's Food?

Do You Know What Goes Into Your Pet's Food?

Do You Know What Goes into Your Pet's Food?


The love that pet parents have for their pets is incomparable. The cute gazing eyes, the happily wagging tail, the constant following around, is something that is cherished by all the pet parents. Our pets are precious for all of us, and there is hardly anything else that we value above our pets’ wellbeing. Our furry little friends rule our hearts and our world. We work hard so that we could give the best of lives to our dogs and cats. We give them a loving home, all our warmth, the best of toys, and the perfect food to fulfill all of their nutritional requirements, don’t we? 

Talking about the food that we feed our pets, we need to understand that our pets are what they eat. We could buy the most popular brand of pet food available, but is it really good? The answer is a big NO. Most of the commercial pet foods are a disaster for our babies, and are far from fulfilling their nutritional requirements. Let us understand some simple facts about commercial pet foods, and what makes them a bad choice for our little furry friends. 


The quality of processed commercial foods is highly arguable: 

There are high chances of processed food containing 4D meat, which means, meat from dead, diseased, dying, or disabled animals. It is really important to read the labels, before feeding your pets with the recipe for ill health.


Many pet foods contain food fillers:

Most of the commercial pet foods contain fillers. Fillers are used to add bulk to the food, and thus cut the costs. These are something that helps “fill” your pet's stomach, but they contain little or no nutritional value, and could be harmful to the health of your cats and dogs. 


Commercial pet foods are loaded with artificial preservatives, flavours, and colors:

Many artificial and chemical preservatives are added in commercial pet foods, to increase shelf life, and maximize costs. But, adding a mix of such artificial preservatives can cause some serious harm to your pet’s overall well-being. Along with these, pet foods are also loaded with synthetic flavours, rendered fats, and taste enhancers such as MSG, which are not at all helpful for pet’s health. 


Processed foods can truly be a health hazard for pets:

Diseases such as auto-immune diseases, chronic degenerative diseases, allergies, kidney, liver and pancreatic diseases, cancer, and a lot more are associated with pets feeding on commercial foods. Even if not detected with acute symptoms, they yet exhibit early ageing and untimely death. 

Given above, were just some of the impacts that commercially packaged foods could have on our dear pets. Despite having regulatory organizations such as FEDIAF and AAFCO, our markets continue to flood with nutritionally-dead products, containing a lot of toxins. 


So, what food do we feed our pets? 

Not all pet foods are the same. While most commercial pet foods have clear health hazards, there might be some manufacturers that truly make their foods, showing empathy to our pets. But being pet parents, we have to be 100% sure about their diet and health. 

An important thing worth understanding here is that real, fresh food, is the best. The food that goes into the stomachs of our furry babies, should be made from fresh, human-grade ingredients, and should be far from toxic chemicals and cheap fillers. The ingredients used, should not be harmful to the pets, in any manner. Make sure that you look out for quality, and not quantity. 

Nothing can be better than quality food and amazing treats, that make your pets go, “Mlemm!” At The Doggy Bakery, we believe in leaving no stone unturned for the health and happiness of our little furry babies. Made from the best human-grade ingredients, all our foods and treats are manufactured with a lot of love, keeping in mind the nutritional aspects important for our beloved babies. Free from preservatives and toxic chemicals, our wide range of treats is simply fresh and mouth-drooling. We know what it is like, to have your four-legged friends in the pink of their health, and so, we make sure that it stays that way! 


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