Finding the Right Treat for Your Dog

Finding the Right Treat for Your Dog

Finding the Right Treat for Your Dog


What’s the Right Treat?


What’s more heart warming than watching your dog’s face light up after you’ve said, “What a good girl you have been!”, and she now impatiently waits for that little treat, she knows should be coming her way.


Besides the positive reinforcement, where dog treats can be used for teaching new tricks and reinforcing good behaviour, they can also be a great way to sneak in a prescribed pill, help clean your dog’s teeth or aid digestion.

So, what are the best dog treats? It depends on your pooch, their diet and what you’re trying to achieve. We’ve listed below some of the best treats, to help you treat your doggo for every occasion!


Training Treats

The key to ensuring a poop-free home, and a well-behaved dog might just lie with training treats. Because some behaviours are harder to learn than others, and you may be doling out several treats in a single session, the best dog treats for training are small and dry. Check out Good Bites.


Calming Treats

If your furry baby is a bit hyperactive or anxious, you’ve probably tried everything to calm her down. From evening walks, to therapeutic chew toys, to obedience lessons! Try some calming treats made with ingredients, to help soothe your dog during those high-energy or agitated moments. Check out All Hearts.


Healthy Dog Treats

All pets have dietary needs to keep them healthy and strong. Healthy dog treats, or “functional food”, are a great way to slip your pup a little more of what is needed, without feeding them actual vitamins. Use banana based, Brunch Crunch, tummy-friendly snacks, for an upset stomach. Single-ingredient treats like Pawley D are really gentle on your pet’s system.

An older pup might benefit from treats like Kibbles made with brown rice, carrots and sweet potato. You could also look for almond flour unicorns, that are full of natural goodness, to make your pupper super happy.

Functional food comes in a variety of formulas and flavours, to suit your needs and to please your pup’s taste buds. Thus, you could choose from a wide range of options, and provide your doggo with the best there is.


Once a Week Fresh Treats

Indulge your dog, for at least once a week, with a healthy meal alternative. As much as you crave for a change in your daily diet, your furry one also deserves a pick me up meal, at least once in a week. And just as you love a pancake, waffle, a pretzel or a whoppie pie, so will your pupper! Just make sure that all their treats are made with pet friendly and all-natural ingredients, so good, that even you would love to munch along!


Learning when and how to use treats, can benefit your dog’s health and happiness in innumerable ways. After all, it takes a happy and healthy dog, to make for a happy and healthy dog owner.

Now that you know everything there is to know about treats, make sure you store them well, in an airtight jar, to ensure that the treats remain healthy and tasty for a long time.

Thinking about what will you do when your doggo gets bored of munching over the same treat again and again? Do not worry, we’ve got your back! For you to never run out of different treats, and for your pupper to drool on something new, something special, and something different each month, look out for our subscription which will ensure that, each month you and your pupper have something pawsome, to look forward to!

So, be ready to be equipped with the right treat, for every time you ask your doggo that question!

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