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Summer Icons

Summer Icons

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Dive into the essence of summer with our 'Summer Icons Pupcake Set,' featuring a delightful assortment of pupcakes adorned with the season's most beloved symbols: ice cream, the sun, and coconuts. Each pupcake is a miniature celebration of summer's joy, crafted with dog-safe ingredients and infused with flavors that evoke the sweetness of the season. Whether it's a beach day, a backyard party, or simply a sunny afternoon treat, this set is perfect for sharing the vibrancy and warmth of summer with your four-legged friend.

No sugar, salt or artificial coloring . All natural, gluten and preservative free!

All the recipes used in our bakery are a result of 70 years of research by our Patron Chef Mrs. Mira Sikand, feeding scores of dogs, day after day. Today we bake her perfected recipes of all-natural fresh-baked treats for your doggy. We ensure dogs everywhere get treats that are chemical-free, premium, and of course, taste great!

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